Lights and Cobbles

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Underwater photos on my new camera from the other day. A beautiful winter in 2014, it was so calm and blue. Completely relaxed me as always, thanks Mother Nature.

The Ivory Lady

The room was dark, dusty and dingy. Books were slung carelessly on the floor by the doorway, as if the reader was fed up of their fossilised stories. Old notes and newspapers littered the deep red carpet, some screwed tightly, others lay loosely layered over one an other. Rusted Autumn leaves lay negligently having escaped from the large oak trees from yonder, beginning to climb and peak through the smashed, rotting window. Ivy had also crept up along the sides and shelf of the window sill, eagerly edging to replace the peeling floral dark-beige wallpaper: nature had began to take back the elements in which man had once upon a time, tried to infiltrate and carve into their own.

To the side of the window, an ancient and somber wood dresser sat sorrowfully alone. Slowly decomposing with empty shadows of wood worms, woodlice and decay, the dresser looked disheveled and emptied. Nevertheless, after all of the years that had gone by it still proudly held four vintage photo frames.

These vintage photo frames had braved the elements of time like soldiers, to ensure the survival of four vintage photographs. The pictures stood proudly side by side each other, all except one. The largest photograph had the glass shattered in the top right hand corner and was mounted off side, facing towards the back of the shadowed dresser. The frame guarded a snapshot of a beautiful, ivory skinned lady holding a bunch of wild flowers. She looked profoundly into the eyes of the beholder using her large doe-brown eyes, while the corner of her mouth was fashioned into a tight smile, covered by her pursed sepia-toned lips. A mix of lust and obscurity would tempt any creature in, including the dead moth hanging gravely off of the frame attached to an old spiders web. At the bottom of the photograph in tattered curly letters read the name of this woman:

“The Ivory Lady”

[Side- Wrote this to distract me this evening, and i’ve loved it! I’m enjoying using a mix of alliteration and personification of nature. I love the thought of nature being anthropomorphic, mixed with an eerie background. I may carry on with this tomorrow]

Here are a set of my old photos I took last year for my art project which inspired me..(The girl is me, and all of these were taken on a 1100D canon with a broken 15-70mm lens which causes a cool blurred effect that I like)

IMG_8688  IMG_9549 IMG_9551IMG_8758