‘I’ll have one IPA’ I say,
‘Have a sip first, love’ he replies
with a blush of red, I obey
and my happiness multiplies,
judging me, he classifies
and magnifies the fact I am a girl,
who likes beer, a simple blonde-curl.
as the sweet nectar touches my lips
whilst my hands fall to my hips.
‘I’ll have two IPAs’ I say,
but the barman with a frown shouts,
‘But Madame, it’s only a Tuesday?
Are you sure you should be drinking on a weekday?’
The fact that he doubts,
Myself and my whereabouts
With his silly, little and sexist pout,
‘Well then’ I say,
‘ll have ten stouts!
‘one IPA, and please,
pour them right away!’

He stands shocked at the sight
Of a little lady,
Building up her appetite
Holding her own might, he can’t disagree
Absorbing the light golden
Liquid lifted by bubbles, oh bumblebee
Me, wait, I’ll ask, another beer or ten,
‘Sorry for your troubles,
I’ll just have one IPA’ I say
Then I’ll certainly be on my way.

And she dances out of the pub door,
Asking for nothing more
Then the bubbles in her heart on this day.