melody mirage of rouge buttercup 
notes like honey
collected by the bumble-bees
that survive
drinking delicious nectar
cupped in warm palms and
yellow petals
smile like sunbeams 
a cold cobalt stream rushing
and running through veins
like an ice lolly on a summers day
or that first sip of coffee from your favourite cafe,
two planets orbiting
singing to the stars
in such a sweet, sweet melody
mirage of rouge buttercup
elderflower flavoured cigars,
Nature waking her up,
saplings stretching their arms
to take pleasure

in this instant
a small fragment; no longer distant
peeling away the satsuma’s skin
sipping on tonic and gin,
to reveal the segment of
behind the strings of the violin
daffodils and daydreams;
flowering in the seams
of your ripped white t-shirt.



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