Drunken Lady Lavender


Lady Lavender’s Lover

We were just two lovers with a ribcage between us, chords that ooze into my blood of the sound; ‘my little lady lavender, you must remember that the daffodils will remain yellow against the blue skies throughout the angry storms. The petals may fall but the energy is there through the hum of the bees and whisper of the trees. The branches that fed the heart is still growing by day my love, so brush past through the nettles and stamp on those black thorns. Reach your roots as far as they go and lead your lover like antelopes into the sunset.’

For your head is tired and needs to be led.

But oh, little Lady lavender you hold a fruit in your hand
A segment of satisfaction,
I give thee to you to experience the zest,
the zeal of zing.

Then you may rest your head and let what is be, said.


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