Lights and Cobbles

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You dropped the Moon on my head,
It cracked the very top of my skull
There was no blood or brains, instead
Out grew daffodils and roses that were dull
It felt refreshing, like opening a window
Once the ringing stopped in my ears
I decided that it was time to go.

It’s odd because it has been years
Since you had blinded me by your sun,
Chopped the tree branches in my lungs,
In days when you used to dance and hum,
But you’d get angry when I left bread crumbs
For the blue birds that sang our song,
But now I realised that this was not love.

Don’t get me wrong,
To give everything for a manly shove
And my heart for a polite nod,
Still made the butterflies in my skin
Flourish and flutter as if you were God,
To the delicate chords of the violin
Melodies so sweet, that were wrong.

Paintbrushes stroke my naivety,
Watercolour tears drip insanity
The rush in my veins, a new vanity
As I am let free of your lovely claws
And what I thought were just beautiful flaws,
When you dropped the moon on my head,
The solar system was mine again, instead.