Sails out and in a steady breeze
A captainess of her own export,
The sea lapping at her ship’s knees
Sailing after something she once thought –

She set out on a voyage of potential partnership
Green eyes ablaze with stone carvings of old,
Ropes wound around her petite hips
A memory flashed before her, for what she was told:
“You can’t seek love honey,
For it will seek you in the night,
When you’re poor with no money
And you’ve given up on life’s fight.”

She sighed at the mast of her ship,
Let down the sails,
And she voyaged right to Earth’s tip.
The sun was setting, another day to end tales
Warm light bathed her skin
The calm sea gentle rocked her to sleep
She fell into dreams free of sin,
But still she missed the feeling of sailing

Sailing across the deep.


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