I’ve been awake for a few hours already when my mum walks into my room:

“Lil, you have a postcard from Bali”

I sit up from my comfy bed with a perplexed face.


I reach over to grab the postcard from my mum and notice the cliche sunrise photographed on the front with big, bold and white writing stating “Bali” I flip it over to find stamps marking Indonesia, Singapore and England. Still puzzled, I read the sprawled handwriting and a huge grin appears across my face.

My friend David from Austria, who I met whilst travelling in Vietnam and Cambodia has sent me a postcard! He remembered!

I originally asked him to write me a postcard after seeing him write some for his friends in Cambodia. I wrote down my address thinking he would probably forget, but low and behold – he didn’t! 

Honestly made my day, a few handwritten words and now I can’t stop smiling. People like him, friends like him – are worth so much.

Today is going to be a good day!


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