Rose Crown

run little one run free

run fast and strong my daisy

spread your little petals

stamp and glide through the nettles

jump over the wild thorn

over meadows my sweet fawn

for the ring does not fit your finger

no more do these bad thoughts linger

the necklace snapped apon your skin

the chain links broken; metallic and tin

the guitar strings struck a familiar sound

flashing a hurt so deep, so round

stop, daisy! be careful of the rose crown

it’s led by dark raven’s and a goul’s frown

just run little one, run

don’t carry this pain, it’s neither fruit nor fun

my little cherry-cup, rouge butternut melody

don’t look behind you, run free

that face in the shadows behind the woods

does not carry wealth or flower goods

little pip grow to your hearts content

for that’s what the crown has sent

face forward towards the sun

because what has happened, is done

enough with the temptation my dove

run away flower, run away from love.


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