Tu Aimer Femme

Creatures of dark charms
And fruited hearts, do linger
This earth homes confusing alms
Like a sharp taste or an aromatic ginger,
Selfish slander roused in confusion,
Doth invade even the brightest men
Infuriating a bitter infusion,
Of heartless hounds and woeful women: but then

The universe hast remind us
Of opposites who do us proud,
They form the negative to a plus
Declaring their heart, wild and loud
So take this mother from my soul,
Bathe in my acceptance and regret
My mindfulness has been let out of control,
Of the recent decisions I hath met.

I bring forth a good will and act,
To try and transform for better
From this day on this shall be a fact,
In the form of a poetic letter
I am to grow by day like your flower:
pollen, petal and stem
Weaving towards the Sun’s power,
To become a fresh tu aimer femme.


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