Double Vision

A hot bodied  wolf
Eager to unwrap a silk cocoon
Wrapped in a green scarf
What’s next for this wee lady
She’s lost in a body of fire
She’s tired of a common entire

All of time she waits

A longing to decide her future

Dreams of snow, mountains

Pine trees yearn for their roots

Yet their entire is lost in the woods

The wishing well of green hoods

Special dandelions and petals
Grow and flourish of goods
Does she yearn, wait and will
Maybe one day a gift of growth
Will return her in her most
For now she whispers to her ghost 

A tall glass of ale
Is all that she must let prevail
Of her wishes to lust, tire and pale
A skin pigment of a dark tale
O’ scene of want –
Please don’t ache with taunt

Maybe one day

Her trunk of trust may

Pillow of followers Lillie to lay

For she will wait: for this day 

Amen to us all for May. 

Admittedly drank a few too many pints of ale when I wrote this, hence there’s the wobbliness of it all. I’ve decided to keep the original structure and most of the words. Interesting..


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