The sun smiles as she sets on the horizon of Otres Beach, her yawn oozing with inky colours of yellows, oranges and blues. The waves greet the sand with the warm salt waters from the Golf of Thailand while the sea breeze cools me off from the Cambodian heat. Birds chatter carelessly, neighbouring dogs potter about the beach and my toes dig in to the soft warm sands, a smile secretly plays on my lips as I realise just how lucky I am.

Here is a poem I wrote from this spot just a few days ago – there’s no punctuation as it was a quick scribble

“Little honey drop
Oh look how you have grown
All of those worries you have forgot
Sweet scented like grass freshly mown
Little honey drop; petals on display
Nature’s newborn nettle
You haven’t had to stress all day
Lie in my arms and settle
My little honey drop
For this state of mind is your garden
Soar with me to the tree tops
I beg your pardon – sweet flower I have known
I must say since you’ve lived in my crop
Oh look how you have grown
I am so proud, my sweet little honey drop”


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