I’ve had such a glorious few days…

The gang rented mopeds and we rode from Hue to Hoi An. It took a full day which included a lot of unwanted activities: like falling off of a moped. Only an hour or so in combined with some awful dirt roads and a Vietnamese lorry driver resulted in Aiden coming off, swiftly followed by Eloise and I. If anything we were very lucky to come away with scratches, grazes and cuts – no broken bones or bikes! Sasha also suffered with a punctured tyre but we were saved by some locals at a restaurant we stopped to eat at. I love how the Vietnamese are always willing to help with mopeds and bikes local or tourist.

Once we were sorted and wrapped in bandages we had the most amazing drive. We pedded to the Hai Van Pass (As seen and most known due to Top Gear) and it was breathtaking, one of the best days of Vietnam despite the mishaps. The road is like “A ribbon of perfection” as described by many bikers – I’m so fortunate to experience it all. So many beautiful greens, blues from the lake and sky and the glorious misty mountains ahead. I can still remember that moment when I couldn’t stop smiling to myself under my helmet, now that’s a moment that will stay with me forever.

Currently typing from a hostel in Hoi An, I have really enjoyed visiting this lovely city. The ancient Hoi An markets and streets at night are beautiful, pathways are lit with lanterns of various colours, fairy lights, candles, the lot. The river reflects all the different colours and lights doubling the beauty. We’ve met more great people and also bumped into some older traveller friends from Hanoi which was so much fun and a suprise! This is why I love travelling, despite only knowing these people for a few days you become friends and end up meeting in different places when your routes combine or twine together, you end up treating them like old friends. It’s such a beautiful thing – I’ve learnt so much about relationships and friendships from others and simply being around so many different cultures. Even in our group I am amazed by all of the achievements and adventures they’ve all had separately – Aiden having worked for wildlife conservation in South Africa for a year, Caio was mugged four times (even with guns and knives) yet he still persevered and travelled with a big grin, and just so many more. I even met a fellow writer, it was so lovely to talk about writing with someone so clever. He really understood about inspiration and new themes of writing – I’ve taken away some tips and hints from him.

Also, being in tailor city I’ve had a few pieces of clothing tailored for me which is so cool. I have a new playsuit, jumpsuit and bikini all made with my size and preference. I even chose the material! I love it so much.

Off to Dalat tomorrow – I can’t get enough of Vietnam.

The reason why this post is called Cheerleader is because it’s such a fun song and reminds me of certain people and memories…

“Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader..”

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