Eczema: Under the Skin

Ezcema is a very common irritation which causes red, blotchy patches on the skin. These areas are often incredibly itchy which lead to prolonged scratching, thus the breaking of the skin which then fashions a whole cycle of hell. It’s linked to hypoallergenic, sensitive types often flaring up due to sudden environmental changes, detergents or even stress. As a sufferer of ezcema, I would love to be able to breach out to those who find themselves caught in what seems like the never-ending journey of itchiness.

I am nineteen years old and have had bouts of ezcema throughout my life. I consider myself very fortunate that I have a caring family that have always helped me try to find out my ‘trigger’. At the early ages of five to seven, it used to be so sore due to my uncontrollable child naivety to scratch away at my poor skin. However my mother and father used to be so careful to use safe washing detergents and soaps. Eventually it cleared, then of course as all ezcema warriors know – it reared its ugly face again and again. I am currently travelling the world and have battled it throughout. However, I would like to share my recent experiences with you all.

Self image and confidence is a huge problem with ezcema. It’s ugly, it makes the skin on my face dry and flake off so I can’t even use foundation or makeup to cover it. When I wear shoulder revealing tops all I can see in my eyes are huge red areas with cuts. My hands are dry and cracked, often bleeding and puffy. Nonetheless, I’ve stumbled across a mind-breaking treatment –

I don’t care about what I look like with it anymore. Ezcema is apart of me and they do say “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” so that’s what I do! I’ve met so many different people from different cultures and not one has ever commented badly on it. If anything, it’s normally me that ends up explaining about it and they sympathise. I will never forget one comment by a friend I had known for a day, when my ezcema was so awful, open, raw and all over my arms. I looked like something out of Star Trek. Yet he said to me “You don’t have to be ashamed of it Lily, there’s no need to hide it from us. If anything we really don’t care.” Ever since then, I’ve realised that it’s not others that care so much about it, it’s me.

Since overcoming this, I’ve come so far and have been so much more relaxed about ezcema. This in turn rules out one of the elements of the skin condition itself, I’ve managed to de-stress. By doing this to myself I’ve reduced the ‘panic scratching’ which is my subconscious to attack my ezcema when I’m nervous. I understand that it is so hard to gain this, and don’t take me wrong it’s taken me years to just accept it. No matter how old you are or where your eczema affects you – you are in control.

This leads to the physicality of control. I allowed myself to be over taken by it’s evil power and gave up. As I am currently traveling South East Asia, it got infected instantly and caused a whole new world of pain. I couldn’t even look at the sea for the thought of my skin in salt water (despite it does heal open wounds) the burning made my eyes water. I eventually went to the doctors and had to go on a drip immediately, followed by a course of antibiotics.

Ezcema needs to be controlled with creams whether steriod or moisturiser. Keep a routine going, for the past five days I’ve noticed a flare up, so every morning and every evening I’ve moisturised my skin with a thick cream combined with a thin layer of  steriod over any open areas, and it’s worked a treat! I completely overlooked routine after being told so much (apologies mum) and it’s really helped. Also, if I’m ever really itchy then I take an antihistamine tablet and it usually helps within an hour at most.

I know I am not the worst off with my ezcema and I really can sympathise anyone that has this skin condition. It’s hardwork, time consuming and actually very draining. Yet, I just want you all to know that it’s not the end of the world, there’s so many new ways of looking after yourself and I really think if you believe in yourself you can do it. One of the best medicines is relaxation, if it’s ever really getting ‘under your skin’ then sit back and breathe. I’ve personally taken up meditation and yoga which really helps me. Equally, you can take a moment to organise your thoughts into positivity and reflect this energy into your actions. You’re not alone!

If anyone would ever like to talk to me, feel free to comment on this post or give me a message. Your life should never be ruled by the limitations of something so unworthy, ezcema is a demon but nothing worth more than happiness.


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