Emerald Eyes

A snake lures in the meadow,
Flash of emerald eyes and dark scales
He hangs silently in the shadow;
Owner of a tail of grotesque tales,
He snidely sneers at his past
Revealing fangs like blooded swords,
He sees his victim at last
As he slithers out and forwards.

The moon shines fiercely bright,
His tongue smells her scent sweet,
Flickers of flesh and man’s bone highlight
The snakes pray is but for defeat,
The meadow holds firmly it’s gaze
And the stars weep to the night for her fate:
Because the little mouse is lost in his maze
Her destiny cornered by her love of late.

A loud shriek floods the black air,
She has been caught in his trap
Spiteful and horrid, he did not care
He could use her heart as a careful map
To lead him to another lover,
For this snake was that of a green devil
He had no father, son or mother
He was born of passion on an unhuman level.

The snake’s name was Cupid
But armed with no bow nor arrow,
He snatches the romantics and the stupid,
And bleeds their bones of marrow
As he lost his lover unfairly, that’s why he was cruel
His duty is to ruin those on a heartfelt path
Is Cupid but a fool?
Because now he lives only for his romantic wrath.


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