Thai evenings

The sun yawns and stretches across the sea as she settles into her slumber, her tiredness flooding the sky with shades of violet, deep oranges and rosy pinks. The clouds are like brushstrokes, wiped across the vast skies revealing the warm glow of the moon which is perfect and rounded like a pendant hanging in the air. Candles are lit and the crickets chatter providing an evening chorus, singing the sun to sleep. Waves meet the golden sand rhythmically while I take a sip of cold beer; inhaling deeply. I can feel relaxation massage my muscles to ease. Despite being late, the air is still warm and it hugs me with it’s humid arms and sweet breath. Palm trees rustle with the occasional light breeze, keeping the temperature perfect. A small moth hovers around the candle light while boats in the distance sparkle in the moonlight. Silhouettes of trees, mountains and forests are drawn on the horizon by mother nature, fashioning a beautiful scene.
To my left, a man lazily lights a cigarette and slumps into the sand and into a soft dream.


I’m currently listening to James Blake and loving life even more.


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