Tequila, Cookies and Ferg

What to do in Queenstown, New Zealand?

Lova and I enjoying a backpackers budget of gin in a can
Mountain hiking, stunning views
Milord sound with the best girl
Lake times, James’ funny face

I’ve been here for a few days now and I’ve managed to climb half a mountain, have a helicopter land by my side, drink too much tequila, stay out until 5am, meet new and amazing people, eat my weight at the famous Ferg burgers (both day and night – they are open until 4.30am!) write a story with a breathtaking view, explore Milford Sound, laugh a lot, drink by the lake watching the sun set, see the biggest full moon, all of this and currently I’m sat writing this from a computer at the only Cookie Bar in New Zealand. Staple diet and only slightly crazy lifestyle I would say.

Overall it’s been incredible. I can’t believe New Zealand is nearly over, as I have two more stops to go (Lake Tekapo and Christchurch) which is both exciting as it means Asia is approaching, but I’ve got to leave my little kiwi family.

We are called the Angloswiss family, as I have two super guys called Sasha and Pascal, from Zurich. They are both such genuine, lovely men who look after everyone, but are also so much fun to be with, two very good friends of mine. Eloise and I hope to visit them in the next summer, which will be a memorable meet up .  The Anglo part, consists of my guardian angel Eloise of course, and Matthew from Surrey, who again is another brilliant guy he is so caring and a laugh, even if we have to all look after him like a son! That’s why we love him.

We also have a ‘foster child’ called Lova. She’s Swedish and I’ve been hanging out with her almost everyday and every night. She is the nicest, most loveliest lady I have had the pleasure to meet. We’ve had such a laugh, involving gin and tequila (and burgers, how many we will not talk about) she’s coming to England soon too! So I’ll get to see her again! I feel so privileged, surrounded by all of these great people from around the world.

There are so many more, I love backpackers like these. Kiwi experience has been an excellent tour, with too many memories to write down.

I’m going to finish my cookie and coffee, then head out for a wander. Maybe read at the lake for a bit. This is the life! I’ve also written a short story, influenced by Maori legends. I’ll type it out and post it shortly!


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