36th Floor

“To thine own self be true” – Says Polonius in Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

I am on the other side of the world to my home, and this is one of the first quotes I saw engraved in stone in Auckland. The reason why this is so profound to me is because this is one of my favourite quotes by Shakespeare. It is not only beautifully written, but it can be read in many different ways.

The reason it stands out to me is because of late I have become lazy. I had developed an apathetic lifestyle, drinking too often with late nights. It wasn’t just emotional factors that has made me realise my developing torpid nature – I was physically struggling too.
My skin and eczema spread like wild fire around my whole body and I looked dull and ill. This wasn’t me?

Since traveling, I feel reformed. Sun, sea and sand has improved my skin dramatically and given me a healthy glow. I’ve stopped snacking and eat good, fulfilling meals for energy and taste; not giving in because I simply had a craving for greasy food.
Another huge factor is that I’ve stopped smoking! I haven’t even allowed ‘just one as I’m out drinking’. I feel refreshed and me again!
Obviously it’s hard to get much sleep when you’re on and off planes for a day but when I am settled I’ve been sleeping so well. Waking up to amazing scenery, exciting day trips and feeling energized, even on early mornings.

I’ve been inspired by a family I’m staying with to start real yoga and meditation, as one is a yoga teacher. It’s a practice formed by Buddhism for 5,000 years, and is proven to be a technique that forms peace and a little escape route from stress. I admit, stress infects me like a virus and is my root cause to my recent comatose of a routine. It shouldn’t though – it’s merely pointless and heart wrenching. I’ve always wanted to try this culture out more deeply as I love Buddhism, so now couldn’t be any more of a better time to start!

Lily-May’s energy and health is going to be stronger than ever, and I have 4 months to develop and mature it.

Night beautiful people – I’ll leave you with my current writing view. Nothing more inspiring.



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