On the Seventh Day She Wrote..

These are the first few poems I have written during my travels, and my creative inspiration has firstly originated out here in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been surrounded by such beautiful and captivating landscape since the plane landed, with brand new colours on the horizon to work with. Also, Perth is perfect for motivating my favourite theme of Mother Nature, as the wildlife out here is incredible. From sea cucumbers to sharks, huntsman spiders to huge crickets: Perth has it all.

1# First Sunset

“Cigarette smoke from an artists lips –
Cloud the ceilings of the skies scripts,
Brush dips dotted from a warm palette of paints,
Golden oranges, lustful pinks taint;

Brush strokes sway like the bathed sea,
In reds of roses and peach of plum tree
Silhouettes of late, contrasting with the scene
As she sets warm. Satisfied is our Queen.” 

#2 Reflections

“Mother Nature,
O’ how your skies thrill me,
But how your heights scare thee
O’ how your seas enthral me,
Alas but your depths dare me
O’ Mother how your sun warms I-
But beauty, your hot glare burns me.
Ye to I are but another creature
Doth thy love me, like I love thee as a teacher?”


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