First Sunset

Today we landed in our first travelers destination, after a total of 20 odd hours of catching trains, planes and various public transport Eloise and I arrived in Perth.

It took us a little longer than expected to get through customs, as my passport decided not to scan to let me through, thus creating the false image of myself being taken down by police and sniffer dogs. Airport customs are so nervy.. Turns out I had moved whilst the eye scanner was working on me..and I am not an undercover criminal with disease (Australian boarders are tight with Ebola at the moment, so you have to answer questions ect) Oops, oh well more to learn for the future! .

Once we stepped foot outside of the airport, Perth’s warm winds wrapped me tightly welcoming me into it’s lands. Eloise’s family are so lovely and homely, they drove us through the city to see the huge towers, then to their own home on the edge of Perth. A palette of greens, browns and yellows flood the surroundings.

Palm trees struggle in the thick heat, while houses stand tall against the sun. Although rather overcast, Perth still shines through. A swim is the only way out, and it was so refreshing after 16 hours on a plane. I also met some new people that Eloise and I will be going out with on student night this coming Wednesday (who would have guessed I’ll be going out on a Perth student night?) – they’ve said to show us Perth and cheap beer. Can’t wait!

With a tasty Australian pale ale and fish and chips in hand, we experience our first sunset. It’s glorious and looks as if it has been painted, with brush strokes of oranges, golds, blues and lushness. Something that I can’t get enough of..

I’m writing this blog entry sat in a very comfy bed waiting for my jet lag to overcome me. Whilst we were sat in a bar earlier listening to Eloise’s cousin sing, tiredness picked me up and swooped me right off of my feet. For now I need to sleep and get into my new travelers time, listening to the Australian crickets and birds out the window behind me. The house has just had been ‘spider proofed” recently, as we would rather not have any of those nasty red backs wanting to cuddle up with us..
Fishing awaits me tomorrow, no swimming though as sharks are in all of these waters, shame as Eloise was keen to bring her bikini.

One day in and I already love Perth!





2 Replies to “First Sunset”

  1. Perth looks absolutely amazing. It’s great to finally arrive at your destination after a long day of travelling. If you are blessed with a sunset like this, it’s even more great 🙂


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