I could write sentences about you forever, stringing them together like daisies on a chain of careless smiles, I could draw handwritten letters fashioned just for you, I see you and I see the space between your nose and your lips, the marble spheres of wonder if your eyes, I see you sir because you are bold and beautiful just like the ink my hand writes in, unraveling and unfolding the justice that is just us, o’ sir you allow me to flow like a river into an artist’s head of dreams, rolling in canvas’ of green hills that just make me want to shout, my muse, my cliché muse, how you are so wonderful, my cells absorb your rarity and richness like nutrient fresh from earth,  you are the gesture between chords, so melodic with your strong arms of love and spears only you I can hear, only you I could perform paragraphs, sentances, words, letters, shapes, pictures towards,  a bear of symmetrical artistry, you make me feel like enjambment between lines of a poem, a growing fullness of life spilling, spilling onto the next adventure, oh sir sir sir.


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