Ursus maritimus

Ivory slates like frozen mosaic art,
Fashioned by the artist herself
Pattern the sea of the Arctic Ocean;
The diurnal course iced. In silence
Adrift in the unbroken Mother’s glare
Pure sapphire skies watch over the ice,
Alas, deliquesce does not exist
For it is the Arctic’s eternal debris.

A ray of sunlight beams to snow,
Crystallized minerals shine like jewels
Revealing a solitary creature,
Camouflaged in a white husk,
So warm. So willing
To endure the harshness of her,
Ursus maritimus the solider of the Tundra.

The artist of the snow:
Defeater of the unexplored,
See’er of the unsure,
For she holds him in her glacial limbs,
Her son stuck in the winter’s desert hymns.

The snow whispers smoothly,
“Hush my child –
Let me be the zeal for which you seek
Let me bury you in my ardor,
I know you so well,
For you are a bear of great grandeur”

Ursus maritimus halts. Turns and stares,
Into the depths of the skies
Frosted steam pours from his nostrils,
Silence strung in the air,
Secrets of adventure drifted beneath.
He picks up his uncertain hand
And replaced it firmly with a strong paw.

Ursus martitimus strides on proudly once more.




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