Today’s revisions

Today has been such a lovely day, I have done nothing but eat way to much, drink and be merry with my family. Another beautiful Christmas, with many perks. I am currently so full I can’t breathe properly, but still drinking champagne. I am just so privileged to have such a delightful and amiable family around me, who look after me and care for me. I would like to wish them a huge thank-you, hopefully I’ll be able to appreciate and express my love for them all as much as I can in the new year.

The fire to my left is so warm and cozy, Joe is snoozing on the floor, Annie is cuddled up asleep on the sofa while mum and dad lie relaxed watching TV. Perfect setting to do some writing!

I had such a fun Christmas Eve, I went out with Eloise who is always on form and saw so many people. As more drink was consumed, admittedly I have gaps missing but I think I laughed the whole evening. I somehow gained a number and investigated it this morning, which it turns out to be one of a friends friend and we both have no idea how I managed to get his number, he wasn’t even out where I was! We’ve been chatting all day and it’s so lovely to gain a new friend! Magical..

I have had flashes of worry recently about my current ordeals, such as Will being gone for a few months now and realising how much I have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve changed for the good I think. However, it has happened very quickly and it’s almost kind of scary. All this growing up in such a short amount of time. Nevertheless, I am just so eager to run off on my travels with Eloise now, I only have a month or so left before I go. Another big step, but a step that I am running towards out of pure excitement. Hopefully the journey will enlighten me and help me follow what I want to do in life, not what society tells me.

That’s mostly my updates for you all, I’ve had a big mixing bowl of different emotions and thoughts recently, but currently, I am happy and brimming with passion and thrill for what’s to come.

Next venture – New Years Eve! I’m planning to drink Bollinger and dress up in heels. 


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