Ursus maritimus

Ivory slates like frozen mosaic art,
Fashioned by the artist herself
Pattern the sea of the Arctic Ocean;
The diurnal course iced. In silence
Adrift in the unbroken Mother’s glare
Pure sapphire skies watch over the ice,
Alas, deliquesce does not exist
For it is the Arctic’s eternal debris.

A ray of sunlight beams to snow,
Crystallized minerals shine like jewels
Revealing a solitary creature,
Camouflaged in a white husk,
So warm. So willing
To endure the harshness of her,
Ursus maritimus the solider of the Tundra.

The artist of the snow:
Defeater of the unexplored,
See’er of the unsure,
For she holds him in her glacial limbs,
Her son stuck in the winter’s desert hymns.

The snow whispers smoothly,
“Hush my child –
Let me be the zeal for which you seek
Let me bury you in my ardor,
I know you so well,
For you are a bear of great grandeur”

Ursus maritimus halts. Turns and stares,
Into the depths of the skies
Frosted steam pours from his nostrils,
Silence strung in the air,
Secrets of adventure drifted beneath.
He picks up his uncertain hand
And replaced it firmly with a strong paw.

Ursus martitimus strides on proudly once more.




Today’s revisions

Today has been such a lovely day, I have done nothing but eat way to much, drink and be merry with my family. Another beautiful Christmas, with many perks. I am currently so full I can’t breathe properly, but still drinking champagne. I am just so privileged to have such a delightful and amiable family around me, who look after me and care for me. I would like to wish them a huge thank-you, hopefully I’ll be able to appreciate and express my love for them all as much as I can in the new year.

The fire to my left is so warm and cozy, Joe is snoozing on the floor, Annie is cuddled up asleep on the sofa while mum and dad lie relaxed watching TV. Perfect setting to do some writing!

I had such a fun Christmas Eve, I went out with Eloise who is always on form and saw so many people. As more drink was consumed, admittedly I have gaps missing but I think I laughed the whole evening. I somehow gained a number and investigated it this morning, which it turns out to be one of a friends friend and we both have no idea how I managed to get his number, he wasn’t even out where I was! We’ve been chatting all day and it’s so lovely to gain a new friend! Magical..

I have had flashes of worry recently about my current ordeals, such as Will being gone for a few months now and realising how much I have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve changed for the good I think. However, it has happened very quickly and it’s almost kind of scary. All this growing up in such a short amount of time. Nevertheless, I am just so eager to run off on my travels with Eloise now, I only have a month or so left before I go. Another big step, but a step that I am running towards out of pure excitement. Hopefully the journey will enlighten me and help me follow what I want to do in life, not what society tells me.

That’s mostly my updates for you all, I’ve had a big mixing bowl of different emotions and thoughts recently, but currently, I am happy and brimming with passion and thrill for what’s to come.

Next venture – New Years Eve! I’m planning to drink Bollinger and dress up in heels. 


A pot of perplexing pleasure,
Boils and bubbles under pressure
Steaming sensual fears,
Condensing hundreds of lost tears.

The geometry of bone,
Stirred with your algebraic tone
Mixed menacingly with concern,
A dash of Mother’s tree fern.

Spoilt by rotten nightmares,
Brimming with bites of love affairs
Reflections distorted,
Ambitions and dreams thwarted.

A cube of sugar: so sweet,
Dissolved in our heartbeat.
Melting familiar names
Heating unfamiliar games.

Alas, the liquid lust is done
At first it was different, fruity and fun
Seeps into beauty and fame,
Upsetting the natural brain,
To breed and spread heartache again.

I’ve taken a sip of pain.


A Wood-nymph’s Nativity

A frosty forest stood silent
Still, untouched, uninjured
Enriched lessened learnt
Deepened uninhabitability
Unaware of sorrow: life.

Petite petals flourished, trunks thrived
Honeyed breath sweetened the leaves,
Infecting roots buried deep in snow
These roots doth grow: yearning

Unearthed sediment of sentiment
Seeping into a wood-nymphs lungs,
Her heart fled, but her eyes did sojourn
For she gasped:
“I have seen a broken dawn!”
The present was fearful,
And the past tainted and tearful
But her future hurt: burnt
By the ignition of inamorato learnt.

The branches crazily creaked
The wind did soar,
The rain damped the doors of oak
Soaked the hearts of the unspoke-n;
Never. Did she dig so deep,
For this wood-nymph did speak:
“O’pray ye pear tree such pitiful plea,
I am hurt and so is my tenacity,
Oh help me Mother and Sir
Of growth, mystic and myrrh
My affection doth aches,
Help! For my forest she breaks”

Her poor arms, her poor hands
Broken charms, broken lands,
A ray of light beams againstith the clouds,
An angel? In delight she shrouds
Warm light bathes her battered body,
Hums a mellow melody
“It is I, my sweet wood-nymph,
Hug my tender bones
I will not hear of your hateful moans,
I am you
Your conscience, your taste
Awful affliction make haste!”

The sun powerfully pierced through,
Mist cleared as if true,
For that was no angel or bruise
For that was him –
That was her muse.

The frosty forest stood silent,
Still, touched and injured
Enriched lessened learnt,
Deepened inhabitability
Aware of sorrow: life.


O’ coin in thy fountain,
Pray ye face North;
As Hamlet once spoke
“To thine own self be true”
By beards of wisdom,
And braids of truth
Stoppeth! This graceless grey,
Greet us forth: fearless day,
For treasures and treats true
Do ask us youth,
Fear ye skinny scandals
Love thou light of truth,
Brave the boundless of bold
And strike O’ Seers of Seas,
Wipe the weeps of old,
Gracious greeters and watch
The Defeaters; for death
Do us part.
Alas, do not befoul oneself,
For the sake of ones Art.

Lapsang Shouchong Cowrite

Green man oh how you taunt me…
Masked cyclist oh how you want me
Are leaves just called leaves,
Because they leave the tree?

Do we turn the light off,
Or the dark on?
Lungs of the Bristol cough
Body forgone

Idiosyncratic identities 
Imagining impossibilities,
incurious identities
initiating imoral intimacy.

Mis-formed shape in a staggering state
By day Bristolian, by night bacchanalian.
His universe concentric to that of a vagabond
Vision blurred by the shotters song.

Gap year student’s sinking sip of Chang
I don’t know if I want to end on pizza or lemon meringue?

Cowritten by Harry Wallwork and  Lily-May

punctual insensibility

you’re my perfect paramour, you’re my partner, you’re my cavalier, you’re my charming armour,
you are the moral between the maps of your lips, you are the measurement from hip to hips,
you are for me but am I for you, as dust doth lift in sun-light
ignite inamorato ignite, and hold me tenderly but mysteriously like the night
as you are me as I am you
but you, I, me we are all but the same today I am I but yesternight I was you.

I have deliberately avoided the use of punctuation and grammar to show the originality of my thought process, uncut and clean poetry which has been typed without much correct thought. I feel it shows a type of uncensored thoughts not hidden with the usual poetic devices. 

Sleepy Sweetheart

Sleep tight my petal
For roses form in your eyes,
Rest your bones and settle
Unknot and untie your ties,
Dream of blossom and bloom
Hugged by the tree’s arms,
You are a child of the moon
Be apart of the stars charms,
Sleep tight my petal
For you are a flower,
A lover’s lover caught in a nettle
Softly sleeping by the hour.

– Lily-May

I have written this to help me sleep and it’s definitely worked. Night all x