Scribbles at their finest

This evening I have treated myself to come home from work early, instead of normally carrying on through to try and build up some extra hours to earn money for travelling. However, I am so tired. My body and mind are both quite exhausted – but in a good sense. I feel a sense of achievement from being tired as it usually means I’ve been very busy with work or a social event (drinking too much and staying up until ridiculous hours of the morning despite having work the next day). I do it to myself because my form of relaxation is to go for a few drinks with friends.
Anyway, I am currently sat deeply in the warm chair of my living room, perched adjacent to the cosy fire(I love the word adjacent). I haven’t really written a type of diary entry on my blog for some time now – I feel poetry has started to express my thoughts in a new creative way. Other than rambling away about how I miss someone special, am bored of work or that I’m angry because I have stubbed my toe. Poetry is very pretty, I love how the words sit next to each other on a line to become whole. I sound so arty when I speak like this. Uhoh, what has happened to my sentence structure, so much for attempting to be an ambiguous writer, if you reread my last thoughts they’ve become short and uncared for.

I am going to post some more poems I think, although I have a to do list which feels like it’s turning more into a ‘Things I need to do but probably wont until the last possible minute when it becomes such a big nuisance that I have no choice over the matter”

Just read this ramble – It’s full of fragments of all the different things I’m trying to write about at once. It has got elements of me being poetic and thinking of art, combined with my attempted humour. This post definitely defines the meanings of scribbles.

Probably my weirdest post yet..

P.S I have also eaten two smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches today – and I regret nothing.



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