I have just had the pleasure of meeting a lovely homeless woman named Donna.
I originally was walking past when she asked me for a lighter – normally I would walk straight past but I had a feeling she was genuine, she wasn’t there to be malicious or lash out, she just wanted a lighter.
So I stopped, offered her one and we began chatting. I introduced myself to her as she did to me.
I remember my mum always saying “If you give the homeless money, they may be self destructive, if you buy them something they need / then they’ll use it.”
So instead of giving her spare change, I bought a sandwich, some water and gave her my umbrella. She was a lovely woman and I was and am happy that I helped her.
She spoke about her past, and how the homeless shelter helps her out everyday. This has inspired me maybe to give up some of my time and volunteer – after all, I do really enjoy helping others, meeting new faces and personalities.
She called me her friend.

This one is for Donna, the woman who has had a horrible past and currently lives in a sleeping bag under the subway. My wishes go out to her.

What a lovely, heartwarming experience. I said I’ll buy her coffee soon, She likes plain, warm coffee with no sugar – so let’s hope I bump into her again. She’s also nicknamed me Lily Light, what a wonderful woman.



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