Mother Nature

Had a very beautiful experience today, I found a perfect spot on the windy coastline to settle down and write. It has been a very rainy and misty day today – So there was only one thing to do. Write away..
Here are a collection of little writings I have done about Mother Nature. She’s really helped me be in charge of my thoughts and has aided me to create some of my favourite scribbles yet –

#1To you, Mother Nature

Sat in a cave
I am protected by your body, soft
mud like skin
Delicate tree roots like hair,
You comfort me.
Yet you range outside my lonely cave,
Horizon misted and trees twisted
They bow down their powerful trunks to you
Carved and forged by your flesh,
Reaching out to you for light and warmth
Because to them, you are their sun.

#2 You’re the Power beneath my feet
The Air in which my body inhales,
Trees grow awkwardly in my lungs
Rooting me to your Earth.
I am just another of your Creations
Yet you allow me to Live,
To feed off of your Love,
Like I am the only one to Exist.

#3 In the dark, sorrowful nights
When the streets are empty and souls
are hidden,
You remind me that I am not alone,
With your gentle raindrop taps on my window
Your soft moonlight
and your sense of peace,
Fashioning a fierce twinkle in my eye.
I do not underestimate your power
and you do not underestimate mine.
And that, is why we are friends, you and I.

#4 I’ve found my inspiration
My beauty and my Love,
But it’s not of him or her
It’s that of a sweet dove,
Mother Nature I’ve found you
And you’ve found my Heart
My smile is yours –
You are my Art.

I love these and I am so happy with them. I’m going to remember these for ever. Here is a photo I took earlier at the scene.
Hope you all enjoy, also hello to all my new followers – thank-you so much for following me and reading my rambles, it means so much to me!

photo (6)


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