A kitten into a Tigeress

This is a post dedicated to one of my strongest friends – she’s been through so much in the way of maturing and it’s been so inspiring to watch her grow. However cliche it is, I personally don’t feel that enough people recognise how from seeing a friend experience something it can give you such an easy ride when confronted with a similar situation, it’s a type of familiarity and understanding that can really help you deal with something – whether it’s love, growing old or simply choosing a new wardrobe.

I was originally feeling a bit rocky with all my many emotions swirling around in my gut, so I thought to start writing a post on how upset I am or what I can do to solve it, but I missed something very important; talking to a friend. She’s not just a friend to me, she is almost like the smart little piece of my brain always guiding me to feel better and confident. Therefore, instead of sitting here writing away with dramatic will, a simple conversation with her about updates of her life and how she’s been coping with her recent changes has just made me realise that I keep doubting that using my friends will help me – I don’t have to hide away behind writing/poetry/letters or sad songs, I don’t even have to talk to someone I can just listen to a friendly soul like this particular friend. One way to describe her? Badass.

I just think it’s one of life’s magical abilities to watch someone grow. I remember her a few years ago when she suffered really badly with one of her first heartbreaks, it was torturous at the time with a lot of downs and not enough ups, but she did it. No matter how many people tried to influence her of all ages, she was the one that managed to pick up her shoulders, brush away bad thoughts and move on. Personally, I believe that moving on is one of the most spiritual, confidence boosting experiences you can ever endure, and being able to witness her fighting her personal battles then relaying it onto myself when I’m down, just makes me realise how she is one in a million. She’s not only dealt with all this in a mature manner, but I love how she’s remained lovely, kind and caring. Many turn bitter and angry at the world, but not this woman.

Admittedly, this is a bit of romantic gesture to her as she has to deal with me on a regular basis. If anyone has a friend like this, you sir or madam, should bow down to their greatness like I am now. Soppy or not she’s one hell of a girl, she used to be a cute little kitten that required friends for poise and morale, now she’s a tigress and she’s probably too good for anyone.

You go girl! My beaut of an independent woman – Lots of love to you and many should pursue to be like you!

(I probably have a crush on her but do I care.. nope.)


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