I’ve had a good day

Good is the best way to describe it, no need for any fancy new adjectives or verbs – good describes it best.
I had work so I have earnt money today, managed to sort my horse going on loan, establish dates and times around it. Then I had time to really sit down and plan some of my travel adventures, even right down to flight timings and budgets. (My brother helped me like a trooper) and now I am in the bath! How good is that?!
I also don’t feel like I am planning travelling to run away from problems or bad thoughts, I feel like I am planning it for me and my own fun. It’s making me excited and now I know this is the right time to go for it!
(Using exclamation marks all day in text today – if you haven’t yet noticed my constant, messy exclamative sentence type, it’s really fun. Punctuation is not needed tonight..)

Also had word from Will as he’s half way on the way to Aus, and feeling generally more confident about all of these changes happening. Working on my inner-self has actually really been beneficial, I am able to be independent and stable at the same time. go me.
here’s a photo of my trip to the coast the other day, with no filter and taken on my phone. Feels so fresh and crisp like my mind right now.

P.s – Segments


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