Over these past few weeks, I’ve plodded along willingly in a routine. Go to work all week, be tired and get home very late as to avoid feeling I am wasting my last summer with everyone. The weekend arrives, still very tired – so I go out and do something fun which makes me even more tired, and the superlative continues. However, the summer is now over, kids are going back to school and the classic ‘lifestyle revamp’ is destined to be at this time of year, with new notepads and new pens. Therefore, maybe I need to listen to life’s various vicissitude and change my way of living for the benefit of my health.

I would quite like to spend this rare Saturday day/evening off of work, tidying my space, drawing, relaxing. Preferably not trying to catch up on many hours of lost sleep, followed by running around last minute to gather myself to go out.

Last night made me realise this – some odd things have been sneaking up on me in my head recently, like a drop of ink absorbing slowly into a dry paper towel.

It’s time to let this ink drop envelope into my actions, not just my thoughts.


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