Have I really reached ‘that’ time of my life..

I am a very fortunate girl, surrounded by brilliant, ardent and intelligent friends that are all about to spread their wings and fly off to university, leaving their nests and working towards finding theirselves independently. In my response to this change, I’ve decided to motivate myself to start a fulfilling blog, which will not only help me rant through my feelings about these changes, but may also inspire me as I work towards my own goals and become a famous, world renown blogger who has changed troubled lives,  won prizes and even inspired a pessimist to laugh when they drop their hot, buttered toast face down on the floor on a rainy morning.

Or it may just make me feel like a pretentious ‘wana be’ writer – because doesn’t everyone have an online blog about feelings, what they eat for breakfast on a Tuesday, or how they are struggling to settle down with a rich man who likes long walks in the rain, within today’s modern climate?

As a very short (In size but not thoughts), optimistic nineteen year old feeling as if she is potentially going through an end-of-teenage-crisis , maybe a blog is the way forward. Maybe this will help fashion myself into a proper,  conscious and mature woman.

Or it may again make me realise how I can’t write properly (perfect example: it took autocorrect to help me out with the spelling of ‘properly’) or actually how irritating my thought process’ can be. Anyway, I really need to tidy my room for the first time in months and maybe get enough energy to take off my inadequate chipped blue nail polish, which looked nice.. freshly painted about two weeks ago.

I’ll be back in roughly 25 minutes when I become extremely bored and wish to write an I depth novel on “My Love for Food” or “How to clean a four-bedroom house in seven minutes before mum and dad are home”.


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